Zanzibar Dolphin Research & Marine Conservation

Engage in our dolphin and marine conservation initiatives while you uncover the tropical bliss of Zanzibar! Some of your many great roles as a volunteer are contributing to dolphin tourism sustainability through human-dolphin interactions monitoring, and advocating ethical dolphin tours to establish the safety and security of these clever creatures when they come across people and boats.

Marine life possesses a vital economic value to Zanzibar’s local communities and by preserving it sets up both wildlife and the people a more sustainable future. This is an amazing opportunity to contribute to the survival of a vulnerable marine ecosystem, thus making a deep-rooted impact.


Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania housing some of the most beautiful coastlines in Eastern Africa, a tropical heaven that is splendidly rich in history and culture. It is your picture perfect vision of endless white sand beaches, and crystal clear turquoise waters. First you will fly into the busy city of Stone Wall, which is the effective center of exciting activities filled with traders selling fruits, unique spices, and freshly caught fish – making the beautiful place a World Heritage Site. You will then be taken to the beautiful coastal village of Kizimkazi – your home during your stay in Zanzibar, just over an hour from Stone Town.

While you’re busy exploring the undiscovered life beneath the waves or scouting the scenery, you’ll find Zanzibar – the perfect destination to get disconnected from the noise and grid – worthwhile in making lifelong and sustainable change.


We make sure that you are provided with everything you need for a comfortable sojourn in a private beach house encompassed by white sandy beaches. We take care of daily housekeeping for your comfort so you can create meaningful connections as you share an ensuite dorm room with other volunteers.


Fresh and delectable meals cooked by chefs from the local community will be provided three times a day. Wake up with fresh fruit, toast, selection of toppings, and eggs for breakfast, while looking forward to a mixture of international and local cuisine for lunch and dinner. We got you covered with meals from fresh seafood, fragrant curries and stews to pizzas, pasta dishes and burgers. We consider and cater specific dietary needs, and you will find vegetarian options to be always available, hence we request to inform us of your dietary requirements ahead of time. We also encourage a once a week dinner at one of the Kanga Ladies’ or preschool teachers’ homes. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect, share stories and laughter while enjoying a home-cooked meal together.


Volunteer Accommodation is provided with free WiFi. When volunteers find the connection slow they would go to the nearby cafes and restaurants to use WiFi.


Kizimkazi, Zanzibar has a tropical climate and lies 9m above sea level. It is much rainier during summers than winters. January to March and June to December – when there’s little rainfall and a warm temperature  – are the best times to visit Zanzibar. Kizimkazi’s lowest average temperature is 27°C in June and the highest is 30°C in March. You’ll find the water temperature between 26°C and 31°C.


Being curious and intelligent marine mammals, dolphins are fascinated by their environment and like human interaction. However, if confronted with too much action especially when they are nursing or feeding the young, the unwelcome attention or excessive interaction can cause tension to the dolphins that they tend to elude to quieter waters. Your role as a volunteer is to go out to sea every day seeking pods of dolphins to collect valuable data. We study dolphin behaviour, abundance, distribution, and monitor human-dolphin interactions together with the local government, to help formulate the ethical policies that regulate dolphin tourism benefiting both the dolphins and the communities that rely on them for earnings.


Zanzibar is not exempted from the phenomenon known as Coral Bleaching – warming waters that globally cause severe damage to coral reefs. Infuse fun on your research as you snorkel in the warm waters while gathering significant data on coral reef health, identifying coral species, collecting details on the progression or regression of coral bleaching on the reef’s surface area, and keeping track of the activities of the tourists.


One essential part of conservation is proper education. Be inspired to help educate on how to sustainably utilize marine resources, the importance of the natural environment, and how to protect it, to local school children in an engaging and lively manner during after school club activities. You can make use of the information boards that the former volunteers had developed, about marine conservation and the local marine ecosystem. You may also initiate workshops fostering eco-friendly dolphin tours, with the local boat drivers.





The amazing destination to start your dolphin conservation volunteer travel is Zanzibar – one of the best places in Africa to have a meaningful marine life experience. Jambiani, a blissful coastal village rich in history, culture, and uniquely kind locals, is the center of our Dolphin Research and Marine Conservation project. Here you will find Zanzibar’s one of the finest white sand beaches – the Jambiani beach – which provides a marvelous setting for an impactful marine and dolphin conservation volunteer adventure.


The typical yet fulfilling days of the marine conservation volunteer will be spent conducting vital research on local dolphin pods along the captivating Indian Ocean. The focus of volunteer research is understanding the impact of marine tourism on local dolphin’s behaviour, health and population. This analysis is significant to establish well-informed decisions on dolphin conservation, ethical marine ecotourism policies, and in supporting vulnerable marine life.This research is essential for informing dolphin conservation decisions, supporting vulnerable marine life, and building ethical policies around marine ecotourism. Every passionate volunteer makes an impact as every research counts, the more volunteers the merrier!


Most days of the volunteer will be spent undertaking vital research on dolphin conservation out in the captivating Indian Ocean. But that’s just the beginning of the journey, as more fun awaits. Part of your ultimate marine conservation volunteer adventure is plunging into invigorating research dives in vibrant coral reefs, and collaborating with locals to promote community conservation education workshops.


Do everything in Zanzibar –  the tropical paradise for scuba diving, swimming with the ocean-life, kitesurfing, boat rides,  dhow and ngalawa sailing, and incredible snorkeling experiences.


If you want to augment your adventure, discover the amazing quest Tanzania can offer you. Enjoy an incredible safari, the stunning scenery in Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, the quaint sunsets, and the unforgettable wildlife! And if you want to go extreme, Mount Kilimanjaro is just a climb away!


Every second Monday


10 days: $2495

2 weeks: $2795

3 weeks: $3195

4 weeks: $3595

5 weeks: $3995

6 weeks: $4395

7 weeks: $4795

8 weeks: $5195

9 weeks: $5595

10 weeks: $5995

11 weeks: $6395

12 weeks: $6795

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Accommodation for the entire project duration at our volunteer house in Kizimkazi
  • Daily transport to and from project
  • 3 fresh cooked meals per day
  • Complete induction and orientation to ensure you contribute sustainably
  • Working alongside local and international high-caliber staff
  • Essential equipment and supplies for the program
  • Insurances (Travel and Medical)
  • Flights
  • Visa related costs
  • Snacks, gifts, soft drinks, souvenirs
  • PADI diving course upgrade (optional)
  • Laundry
  • Weekend trips/tours, or any non-project activity
  • US$ 25 Mandatory Contribution donated to the Sustainability Fund
Every second Monday
10 Days – 12 Weeks
Conservation, Awareness and Education
$2495 – $6795
  • Observe dolphins in their natural habitat and examine the effect of tourism on their behavior
  • Enjoy snorkeling in beautiful coral reefs while collecting significant coral bleaching data
  • Have fun swimming with dolphins in an ethical way while fostering responsible dolphin tourism
  • Inspire and intentionally teach passionate conservation club students to look after their environment
  • Maximize interaction with the local community learning Swahili language, and reside in one of the most beautiful places in the world



Mozambique: Marine Research and Conservation

Mozambique: Marine Research and Conservation

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Mozambique: Marine Research Internship

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